The Two Minute Rule

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What is the 2-minute rule in productivity?

Nobody on this Earth is too busy to quickly knock out a two-minute task before moving onto something else they'd rather be doing.

  1. You're Doing the 2 Minute Rule of Time Management Wrong.
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Try it and you'll see. The second part of the 2-minute rule is admittedly a little more involved.

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But just slightly. While the first step helps eliminate the tiny tasks that build up over days of not doing them, the second part is all about building new habits. Part 2: When you start a new habit, make sure it only takes two minutes or less to complete. Okay, if your goal is to write a book and the new habit you're trying to create is to write every day, it'll be years before a daily two-minute writing session produces a full book.

You’re Doing the 2 Minute Rule of Time Management All Wrong

Not all habits can be done in two minutes. In fact, most can't. The trick here is to create a two-minute habit the leads to your goal habit.

If your goal is to go to the gym more, for example, your two-minute habit should be packing your gym pack. A two-minute task is easy to knock out, making it much easier to begin a larger, more time-consuming habit.

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Improve Your Productivity With the 2-minute Rule

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  • How to Stop Procrastinating With the “2-Minute Rule”.
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  • How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done in 2 Minutes Or Less.!
  • How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “2-Minute Rule”.
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    How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done in 2 Minutes Or Less.

    There are no catches. The Two-Minute Rule: When you realize you have to do something or receive an email about something you have to do , if it will take less than two minutes, do it. If it will take more than two minutes, schedule completing it later.

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    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule
    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule
    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule
    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule
    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule
    The Two Minute Rule The Two Minute Rule

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