The Battles of New Hope Church

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In the late spring of , Union general William T. Sherman made his way toward Atlanta in what would become infamous as his March to the Sea. Northwest of the city, in Paulding County, Sherman's advance was halted for the first time when he found himself enveloped in unbroken wilderness, face to face with Joseph Johnston's Army of Tennessee. The two armies engaged in a series of intense battles in the area, which the soldiers would begin calling the "Hell Hole.

More than a dozen chapters offer explanations on the battle strategies employed and describe the conditions faced by the soldiers, with letters, memoirs, and diary entries providing firsthand accounts of their horrific experiences. Maps depict the position of the brigades during battle while images include portraits of the men in uniform and illustrations of combat. Written in the present tense, this history captures the intensity of war. Civil War enthusiast Russell W.

New Hope Church

Blount, Jr. After earning his B. He also serves on the board of directors for the Kiwanis Club of Fort Conde. He resides in Mobile, Alabama. Neither side derived any tactical advantage from the fighting in this 'hell hole,' as the soldiers described it, yet the final result was another Confederate retreat toward Atlanta in Sherman's seemingly inexorable advance toward that city.

When Union general William T. Sherman marched toward Atlanta in , he found himself face to face with Joseph E. Johnston's Army of Tennessee, entangled in an untamed wilderness that came to be known as the Hell Hole.

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During the week-long ordeal of virtually continuous fighting at New Hope Church and nearby Pickett's Mill and Dallas, a new era of trench warfare was introduced and Sherman's and Johnston's strategies for the remainder of the Atlanta Campaign were forged. In this examination of a series of actions in Paulding County, Georgia, maps pinpoint battle locations while photographs capture the sites of conflict and portray the brave men who served on both sides of the War Between the States.

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New Hope Church

Seller Inventory M Book Description Pelican Publishing. He challenges the standard view of Sherman's performance. Atalanta Campaign Map. Kindle Available Standard Catalog of Civil War Firearms Over photographs and a rarity scale for each gun, this comprehensive guide to the thousands of weapons used by Billy Yank and Johnny Reb will be indispensable for historians and collectors.

Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia: Arms, Uniforms and Equipment of the Union and Confederacy Comprehensive reference identifies and describes uses of more than items.

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Arranged alphabetically by topic, subjects range from artillery accouterments and boats to tools and patriotic sheet music. Military historians consider him one of the best defensive generals ever, a man who would have stood out in any war. This Terrible Sound The Battle of Chickamauga Study of the great bloody battle of Chickamauga that was the last great offensive, although costsly, victory by the Confederates.

This is a detailed account of the movements of regiments, brigades, divisions. Sherman Utilizing regimental histories, historian Hirshon offers a sympathetic yet excellent biography of one of the more noted Civil War generals, best remembered for burning Atlanta, cutting a swath of destruction across Georgia, then creating total destruction in South Carolina, including the burning of Columbia. Hirshon gives us an insight into how Sherman's own troops felt about him and his relationships with fellow generals, especially Grant. The author not only describes Sherman's role in the war but also details his early life and family problems.

The latter part of the book deals with his life after the war, especially with the Indians in the West as well as his relationships with Presidents Johnson and Grant. Unlike other studies, though, this one puts the reader squarely into the mind of General Sherman on the eve of his most famous military undertaking—limiting the information to that possessed by Sherman at the time, as documented in his correspondence during the campaign and not in his after-the-fact reports and autobiography.

Tour beautiful Atlanta neighborhoods while listening to audio describe the battle of Peachtree Creek. Instead of being just another narrative of the March to the Sea and Carolina campaigns, however, Glatthaar's book is a look at the individuals that composed the army. In it, he examines the social and ideological backgrounds of the men in Sherman's army, and evaluates how they felt about various factors of the war--slavery, the union, and, most significantly, the campaign in which they were participating.

The result is a fascinating look at Sherman's campaigns through the eyes of the everyday soldier.

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New Hope Church-The Battle of the Ark- Oct. 13 2019

Charles Colcock Jones from the years This book provides the thoughts of the entire family, all literate and well-spoken people, over the entire period from the s, just living their ante-bellum experience, to the idea of the war on the horizon, entering into it and living it day by day. This is all seen through ordinary every-day experiences, family anecdotes, and discussions of what is occurring.

The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church
The Battles of New Hope Church The Battles of New Hope Church

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