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Cesar reacts by pulling a gun on him, calling it "behavioral consequences", horrifying Bennett. He later gifts Bennett the baby's crib, explaining it was Daya's and the other children, and he wants it to be used for Daya's baby. After Bennett runs away, Cesar breaks into his apartment to try and find him for Daya. He visits Daya in prison and, when Daya starts blaming herself for Bennett's disappearance, Cesar gives her a speech about how a real man never leaves a pregnant woman, no matter what the situation is. He vehemently assures her that Bennett leaving is on him, not on Daya, and displays genuine concern and affection for her.

He "reassures" her that the next time he sees Bennett, he will "rape him with a broken bottle and then shoot him in his stomach so he bleeds slow" " Fake It Till You Fake It Some More ".

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In the season finale he is arrested and all the children, including Daya's baby, are taken from him. His first concern is the children rather than himself, as while he is being pinned to the ground he shouts at Christina to take care of Daya's baby " Trust No Bitch ". Daya is upset that Cesar has been arrested because it means her daughter has now been placed in foster care.

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Aleida assures her that Cesar's lawyer will keep him out of prison, but he ends up being sent away for a long time. When Aleida is released from Litchfield, Cesar's new girlfriend is the only one who can pick her up. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Gun Powder-Cesar. Gun Powder:Charlie.

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Gunpowder - Emmanuel. Paper - Patricia. Paper Money- Jose. Paper Money-Leonardo. Paper Money-Maria :.

Ted Charach's Press Conference: Thane Eugene Cesar's Gun Found

Paper money-Sven. Paper- Melinda. Porcelain - Yasmeen :D. Porcelian-Ana: :.

Pacoima Father Faces Gun Charges After Son Threatens To Shoot Classmate

Compass - Akash. Farming- Manjot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Jane's Armour and Artillery.

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Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun
Cesars Gun Cesars Gun

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