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Always to Remember - Book Review - The Hope Chest Reviews

His loyalty to both his beliefs and those he loves is a rare gem. If it wasn't for the fact that I know selfless people like Clay actually exist, I would almost be tempted to say that he was too good to be true. I found his virginal status to be both intoxicating and endearing just like Meg did. I also loved his artist side.

The descriptions of Clay carving the monument brought it to life in a way that made it seem like a character itself. Meg was a bitter angry woman after her husband and three brothers were killed in the war, and she hated Clay as much as everyone else in town.

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It was sometimes difficult to read her direct biting words to him that were born out of her hatred, but even though I didn't agree with those sentiments, I never felt like I didn't understand her. I think this was all part of the beauty of the message that the book was trying to convey. Underneath it all, Meg was definitely a kind, caring and compassionate person, and as Clay, slowly and unbeknownst to her, chipped away at the rock surrounding her heart, she was able to show that side to him.

The amount of growth that Meg went through from the beginning of the story to the end was phenomenal and believably written. In my opinion, Clay and Meg were two characters who complimented each other perfectly. Always to Remember also had a great cast of secondary characters. Meg's grandmother-in-law, Mama Warner and Dr. Martin, the kind country physician, were about the only two people who didn't hate Clay, and they were always full of wisdom to impart to those who would listen. Clay's younger brother, Lucian, hated him every bit as much as the other townspeople, but when realization hits him, he too, grows and changes in ways he never would have guessed.

Clay's ten-year-old twin brothers, Josh and Joe, are an endearing combination of vivacious wit and wisdom beyond their years.

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They had me laughing out loud at some of things they said, and on the occasions when they seriously spoke their minds, it never felt out of place or too mature, just that they had been well-brought up to understand and appreciate the finer points of life. Even though Meg's husband and Clay's best friend, Kirk, had been dead for months, his spirit played a pivotal role in the story through his letters and words he had spoken to both of them in the months and years before his death.

I really liked that he was a strong part of the story and that Meg had truly loved him. Meg's brother and father, as well as most of the townspeople, hate Clay with a passion and throughout the story do some very despicable things to him, yet even they were important, in that they allowed Clay an opportunity to show his mettle and the power of forgiveness. All in all, this was a wonderful group of characters who really brought to life the warmth and closeness of the typical frontier community. Always to Remember was my first read by Lorraine Heath, and I don't think I could have chosen a better book with which to begin.

Publishers Weekly said of Waking Up With the Duke "While the eventual outcome is predictable, the sensitive handling of Jayne and Walfort's challenging relationship and the impressive tangle of love, guilt, and secrets will please those who prefer fiery love scenes balanced by complex emotional drama.

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In a review of Moonlight , Donna Rosenblum of School Library Journal stated that "Hawthorne expertly weaves romance with the supernatural, cloaking them with danger and suspense. However, the author does a good job giving readers a natural view of the legends and myths behind werewolves and their evolution. The review stated that the novel was "a little predictable at the very beginning," but went on to call it "a very engaging and brisk read that will appeal to reluctant readers and even has a couple of mildly surprising twists as the book works its way up to the climax.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lorraine Heath. Further information: Dark Guardian novel series. Washington Post. Retrieved 8 June Retrieved June 8, Official website. Plano Profile. USA Today. Publishers Weekly. All About Romance. PR Buzz. June 2, RT Book Reviews. Retrieved 23 May Kirkus Reviews.

Always to Remember by Lorraine Heath

Library Journal. New York Times. School Library Journal. Given the intense opening sequence of this book where it is obvious the author can write large dramatic moments , I was surprised that the author so abruptly cut off the climax.

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Finally, a small but bothersome point. How could a farm-woman spend so much time sitting in a shed? When did she do her chores around the house and the farm? Still, the story told by this author is definitely one worth reading.

watch Often romances focus on a hero who cannot see the goodness of the heroine. It was a pleasure to read a book that reversed that story- line. It was a pleasure to read a book about such a good man who maintains his dignity in the face of such odds. And, the whispers of realization, of love, of courage, were phenomenal.

So phenomenal that the flaws seem to fade rather quickly, leaving the reader with those savory small moments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Always to Remember Always to Remember
Always to Remember Always to Remember
Always to Remember Always to Remember
Always to Remember Always to Remember
Always to Remember Always to Remember
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